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an amazing natural
a unique and satisfying

the gelato of Venice

Free from colouring agents and artificial flavours, it contains no hydrogenated fats, stabilisers or emulsifiers.

 Viene creato dosando sapientemente grassi della panna, zuccheri e latte di alta qualità in una sapiente ombinazione: ingredienti che ne esaltano tutte le virtù, una vera gioia per il palato! La nostra panna ha una percentuale minima di grassi del 38%. Utilizzata per creare le nostre creme, è prodotta con il buon latte fresco italiano. Viene lavorata naturalmente, per preservarne la naturalità e valorizzarne la pienezza e rotondità del gusto. Il nostro latte di alta qualità e la nostra panna, provengono da mucche allevate e controllate in Italia, a garanzia dell’intera filiera produttiva del prodotto finale. Un abbinamento di fibre vegetali permette a questo prodotto di essere unico, senza la necessità di utilizzare i più diffusi emulsionanti.









During Ascension Day, the Republic of Venice ‘La Serenissima’ celebrated the Marriage of the Sea, staging an extravagant parade of boats to bring good luck, during which the Doge would drop a consecrated ring into the water, a gift symbolising the deep symbiosis between the city and the sea. Premiata Gelateria Michielan has decided to commemorate this ancient rite, still re-enacted today as part of a very colourful period reconstruction, by creating an exceptional product that fully lives up to the grand history of a city with a charm like no other in the world. Gran Gelato Dose da Mar is made with the finest ingredients and skilled craftsmanship, which give it a fine flavour and aroma: a gift of our modern age that allows the recipient to continue experiencing all the taste of a grand tradition.


Since 1982

The tradition...the sweet smells and the endless flavours of soft, fresh, creamy home-made ‘gelato’. These age-old flavours have always played an important role and today we are still making ‘gelato’ to the highest standards with traditional artisan recipes.
The meticulous attention paid to the choice and the purchase of the best raw ingredients, scrupulous production controls, continuous research into creativity and innovation, improvement of services and our customer service have been top priority for over thirty years. Today these qualities enable us to guarantee what our customers have come to expect: complete satisfaction when enjoying our deliciously soft, fresh, creamy ‘gelato’...

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